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Study.ca believes that education should be open and free to everyone. It is every child's right to learn. One of Study.ca's goal is to provide worksheets and exercises free for everyone who's willing to learn and share.

Study.ca has the biggest worksheet database on the internet. Study.ca uses its advanced auto search engine to collect and add worksheets from the internet. Users are also encouraged to upload worksheets so more students can benefit.

Study.ca is also a website dedicated to help students and provide information about Education and studies in Canada. The aim of this website is to inform current and future students, their parents and other stakeholders about education system in Canada, our Higher Education institutions and their study programmes, migration procedures, admission requirements and more.


Texts and information found on this website are made with cooperation of study.ca and volunteer copy writers.

Photography and video material, publicized on this website, is owned by project administrator and can not be used without a written consent. Some images are taken from open databases and is done so intentionally, authors of these images are indicated, where it was required.

Since our search engine works automatically, if you think your worksheet should not be included in our database, please email us at info@study.ca with proof of the worksheet ownership.

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For comments, opinions and advices, please contact us at sscyip@gmail.com